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Doctor of Mathematical Sciences, longtime school and academic teacher, former educational counsellor for teaching mathematics. Associate Professor at the Pedagogical Training College of the Jagiellonian University. Author of mathematics course books and exercise books, as well as the mathematics curriculum and its concept at the Alfa School of Mathematics. Specialist in didactic measurement, examiner at middle school and secondary school final examinations in mathematics, expert in Educational Value Added at the Institute of Education Research, member of the Polish Educational Diagnostics Association, member of the Scientific Council of the Cracow Youth Society of Friends of Science and Art under the auspices of the Jagiellonian University, member of the Board of the Cracow Branch of the Polish Mathematical Association.


Graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics at the Jagiellonian University. Active middle and secondary school teacher of mathematics. Member of the Cracow Committee of the Mathematical Olympiad for Middle School Students. For many years organized mathematics club meetings at the Institute of Mathematics of the Jagiellonian University for middle school students, as well as for students from senior grades of elementary school. Author of excellent mathematics exercise books.


Doctor of Mathematical Sciences, secondary school teacher. For 20 years, working with mathematically gifted students. Tutor of several dozens of Mathematical Olympiad finalists. Author or co-author of over twenty publications. In 2015 received the title of Honorary Professor of Education.


Pedagogue at the Psychological and Pedagogical Center in Cracow. Engaged in diagnosis and pedagogical therapy of dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysorthographia, and dyscalculia. At the Center, she conducts corrective and compensatory classes as well as general development classes with elements of educational kinesiology according to Paul Dennison.


Psychologist at the Psychological and Pedagogical Center in Cracow. Engaged in psychological diagnosis of elementary and middle school students in terms of specific difficulties with learning mathematics (dyscalculia). Conducts social skills trainings for elementary school students.


Graduate in interdepartmental studies in mathematics and natural science at the Jagiellonian University. Coordinator of the mathematics contest “Ruszaj z Przedszkolakiem Łamigłówek Szlakiem” for kindergarten children. Mathematics teacher at the Alfa School of Mathematics.


Mathematics graduate of the Jagiellonian University. Teacher at a secondary school in Cracow and at the Alfa School of Mathematics. Conducts lessons developing creativity and logical thinking in children at Cracow kindergartens.

Renata Broniek

Polish philology and philosophy graduate of the Pedagogical University in Cracow. Participant of postgraduate studies in pre-school and early-school education. Helps conduct lessons developing creativity and logical thinking in children at Cracow kindergartens.

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